Support for accountants

As independent financial advisers, we understand the challenges accountants face when delivering quality services to their clients. Here are some actionable ways we support your business and add value to your service:

Tax Planning

Tax laws are complex and constantly changing, making tax planning challenging for many clients. We can provide added value by working with accountants to identify tax-saving opportunities for clients. For example, financial advisers can recommend tax-efficient investment strategies to help clients reduce their tax bills while maximising their returns. Another example is strategising tax deductions for small businesses, which can significantly reduce their tax liability.

Consumer Duty Requirements

This regulatory change is arguably the biggest transformation to financial services in the past 10 years. Rest assured, we are well-equipped tostreamline this process for you by providing comprehensive advice tailored to these alterations. Our expertise allows us to assess how these changes may impact your client’s financial plans and offer personalised recommendations. We take care of the compliance risks, ensuring you meet all your new obligations while delivering a high-quality service. With our support, you can focus on your core accounting tasks, knowing that your clients’ financial advice is in capable and independent hands.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is another area where clients often need guidance. Financial advisers can work with accountants to help clients establish retirement goals, assess their current retirement savings and provide advice on how to maximise their retirement savings. We provide a comprehensive retirement planning approach that considers factors such as inflation and long-term care costs, ensuring that clients have a comprehensive plan.


Risk Management

Risk management is essential for businesses of all sizes. In addition to insurance, companies must have a comprehensive risk management plan. Financial advisers can help identify business risks, provide insurance recommendations and develop a customised risk management plan. Working alongside accountants to analyse cash flow and profitability, this coordinated effort can prepare businesses for contingencies and unexpected changes in the financial landscape.

Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow modelling is a powerful tool when your clients are planning for retirement and have questions about when it is possible and what it might look like. This modelling technique allows us to create a clear picture of a client’s financial future, identifying areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed. It also allows us to analyse a range of potential scenarios, such as sudden changes in income or unforeseen expenses, providing greater peace of mind. With this information, we can develop customised financial plans that cater to your client’s needs and goals.

Investment Management

Many clients seek advice on investing, but accountants may not have the expertise to guide them. As independent financial advisers, we can help your clients develop investment strategies that align with their financial goals and risk tolerance. Collaborating with accountants, we can ensure that the investment strategies for the clients are tax-efficient and align with their income bracket.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is a critical component of financial planning, yet one that is often overlooked. Financial advisers can offer guidance on estate planning and collaborate with accountants to ensure their clients’ financial accounts and estate plans are coordinated. This coordination can help minimise taxes, avoid probate, and make the inheritance process smooth and straightforward.


Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is another area where accountants may benefit from financial advisers’ expertise. Advisers can help clients define and achieve their financial goals and guide budgeting, debt management and cash flow optimisation. Accountants can add value by analysing financial statements to identify tax-efficient strategies and simplify the client’s finances.

Why Westerby?

As an accountant, you understand the importance of providing your clients with the best possible financial advice. That’s why we at Westerby want to collaborate with you to deliver independent, unbiased advice that your clients can trust.

Our approach is holistic, taking into account all aspects of your client’s finances, from investments to retirement planning. We work closely with other financial professionals to ensure we provide the most comprehensive service possible.

At Westerby, we understand that today’s business environment demands flexibility and convenience. That’s why we have invested in the latest technology to enable us to work remotely and offer virtual services to our clients. Our expertise and personal approach make us a trusted partner for accountants and their clients.

Find out more

For more information on how Westerby Investment Management can support you in helping your clients achieve their financial goals, please contact us on 0116 247 0304 or fill in our contact form.

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