Independent Pension Advice and Retirement Planning

October 9, 2020

Independent Pension Advice and Retirement Planning

Westerby Investment Management Limited offer independent financial advice in a wide range of areas including pensions, retirement planning and investments. We take the time to really understand what you want from your retirement and provide solutions and strategies as to how to achieve these goals.

We will work with you to ensure that:

  • The financial plan put in place matches your expectations for retirement income
  • Your arrangements are as tax efficient as possible
  • Your plans are well placed to support your family

Independent Pension Advice

Choosing the most suitable pension arrangement can be a complex and time consuming process. Our aim as specialist independent financial advisers is to give you all the information and guidance that you need to make a fully informed decision.

Whether you are employed, self-employed, a partner in a business, a director of a limited company, or a business owner, our specialist pension advisers can discuss your objectives and requirements with you. They can advise you and provide recommendations to arrange the most appropriate pension solution to meet your needs.

We can advise you on:

  • Reviewing existing plans, both defined contribution and defined benefit schemes*
  • Ongoing pension contributions and tax relief planning
  • Making the most of the Pension Freedom retirement rules
  • Personal pensions
  • Workplace pensions
  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)
  • Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS)

*please note that we have chosen not to advise on defined benefit pension transfers but we can review them and include them as part of your planning.

Why Use an Independent Financial Adviser?

Being independent means recommending the most suitable pension for your needs – without being tied to any one pension provider. Westerby Investment Management are independent. This means we are not tied to any one agency or restricted by the number of products or options that we can recommend. Our emphasis is on giving you comprehensive independent advice to meet your objectives and requirements, rather than selling you a product.

Retirement planning advice

The number of ways that you can take your retirement benefits have increased greatly over recent years and the options available as to when you retire and how you take your benefits can be overwhelming. For this reason, seeking retirement planning advice early on can set you up for a comfortable retirement in the future. The independent experts at Westerby can advise you on making the right decisions for your financial future now.

We can support you by advising on:

  • Identifying how much you’ll need for your ideal retirement and how to achieve it
  • Pension options and consolidation of existing pensions (if appropriate)
  • How to utilise savings and other investments to boost your retirement funds
  • Making your retirement arrangements highly tax efficient

Whether you are planning your retirement in advance, or nearing retirement, contact us to discuss how Westerby “The Wealth Advisers” can support you.

Independent Financial Advice in Leicester and Beyond

Westerby Investment Management Limited is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in Leicester city centre. We provide comprehensive financial planning advice covering a wide range of financial requirements to both individual and business clients around the country.

If you are looking for financial planning advice, including pension and/or retirement planning, please get in touch today.

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